TrinityX uses Luna for the provisioning of node images. One of our engineers first designed Luna over many late nights, frustrated by the complexity of other tools. As with the overall architecture of TrinityX, the goal of Luna is simplicity.

Based on the BitTorrent Protocol for discovery and deployment of nodes, Luna is capable of superfast provisioning. We can boot a 500+ node cluster in just under 5 minutes, and due to the nature of peer-to-peer transfer, that will remain roughly constant even if the cluster grows to 10x that size.

  • Exascale ready
  • Based on BitTorrent Protocol
  • Node discovery
  • Network booting of nodes
  • Groups for different types of images
  • Configuration management via Ansible
  • CentOS, Scientific Linux, Ubuntu
  • SELinux and SSL support
  • Apply changes to live nodes

Deployment comparison

In a traditional deployment (left diagram), images are provisioned one-by-one, limited by the bandwith of the controller node.

With TrinityX and Luna, images are provisioned via peer-to-peer transfer (right diagram), no longer limited by the bandwith of the controller.