About Us

HPC accelerates scientific discovery. It is with this in mind that ClusterVision provides state-of-the-art, fully tailored HPC clusters to researchers and innovators all over Europe.

With in-house software development and a large team of technical specialists (60% technical staff), we work to not just participate in HPC, but to advance the technology behind it. By providing customised solutions accompanied by an exhaustive set of services and trainings, we ensure that our customers can take maximum advantage of HPC technology in order to expand knowledge and advance their respective fields of study.

Based in Amsterdam, ClusterVision has grown into a multi-million euro international operation with offices in the UK, France, and Germany. We have designed, built, and managed some of the fastest and most complex computational and database clusters in Europe, including more than twenty TOP500 systems.

Hardware and software development is one of our most important value-adds. Our dedicated dev-ops team makes ClusterVision an innovative and leading edge HPC supplier. Open collaboration is at the core of our mission. That’s why the source code of our TrinityX and Luna software is openly shared on GitHub. We use numerous open source tools in our HPC software stacks.

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Why would you pick ClusterVision as your HPC partner?

Through our work in HPC we aim to accelerate your discovery. We have a highly skilled team of engineers who are able to perfectly translate your demands to an efficient and powerful cluster design. Rather than working for our customers, our goal is to collaborate with our customers. The specific hardware is not what’s most interesting to us — what you’re able to achieve with your cluster and how it helps you is what’s most important to us.